Sunday, 13 April 2014

Whirlings. The - Beyond The Eyelids (2013)

The first real album from this Italian band after the release of the self titled EP back in 2011.

Italian = symphonic prog. Well, not in this case. The very lively, active music scene has also thrown up some jazz, space rock and post rock bands. Most of them great bands and Made In Italy is a quality stamp these days. I could run a blog just with Italian music. But Andrea Parentin has already cornered that market. Besides of that, other countries also comes up with some good/great/excellent music too.

The Whirlings is a bit of a crossover between space rock and post rock. So they say. I would say they are mostly post rock though. There are some space rock influences in the beginning. They are fading pretty fast on this one hour long album. The music is mostly straight in the face mix of experimental metal and post rock. The music is too hard to be called straight post rock though. Experimental metal, it is then. Yes, I am developing this review as it goes and while I am taking the final listen to this album.

The music is instrumental throughout and created by the classic quartet guitar, guitars, bass and drums. The music is pretty much new ground and so much this century. The mix of half-acoustic guitars and electric guitars are great. The band creates a lot of walls of sound. Heavy walls of sound. The bass and drums trundles along with the occasional solos. The bass takes a lot from the krautrock scene. There are also some more quiet pieces of music. The music never really becomes ambient though.

Although there are no good songs here, I quite like this album. It is a brash album from a brash band. A band I hope more people will listen to this album as it is worth it. A good rating is awarded.

3 points

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