Friday, 17 August 2012

Sun Devoured Earth - Sounds of Desolation (2012)

A Latvian one man project with a lot of releases through Bandcamp. This is his thirteenth or so release under the Sun Devoured Earth name.

They describe their music as a mix of black metal and shoegaze. The black metal bit has gone on this Sounds of Desolation. What remains is...... well, sounds of desolation. The music is very bleak, set in a desolate landscape. Yes, it is shoegaze/post rock and it is post rock in the Icelandic tradition. Sigur Ros springs to mind. The music is driven by piano, synths and a faint vocal used as a sound effect.

Through it's barren landscape, the music on this album is actually pastoral beautiful. Very beautiful at times. As a sound painting, it works very well. A couple of great melody lines would not go amiss and that is my only gripe here. This though is a very good album and one I can recommend. Maybe I should check out those twelve other Sun Devoured Earth releases too.

3.5 points


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