Friday, 9 August 2013

Pooh. I - Opera Seconda (2012)

Gosh, I did not know anyone would make music like this any longer !

I Pooh is an Italian pop band who released a couple of prog rock like albums back in the 1970s. That including their first rock opera back in 1971. I guess this album is a follow up to that album, 42 years later. Inbetween, the band has released around 20 other pop albums.

When I mean pop, I mean Italian pop. The likes of pop you get in the Melody Grand Prix. The kind of pop performed with a symphony orchestra and a male vocalist on the top of it. That and some electric guitars, bass, keyboards and drums discrete in the background. I Pooh is the prototype of this kind of music. Go to Youtube and check them out.

I should really, really hate Opera Seconda. I should had awarded this one point and told you how much I despise this album. And the symphony orchestra treatment is like watching dinosaurs in full flow. Somehow, I actually like this album. The overall quality of the music is good with a couple of great songs. And Roby Facchinetti's vocals is great. The opera has a good theme running through it. I really find myself liking this album at the same time as I am questioning my own sanity. Am I mad ?

I am perfectly sane and well. This is actually a good one hour long album well worth checking out. I award it three weak points. On a second thought, I am taking it down half a point because of the sugary sweet symphony orchestra sound which is too much for my sensitive tastebuds.

2.5 points

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